Accepted papers

  • Corpus-based Translation of Ontologies for Improved Multilingual Semantic Annotation Claudia Bretschneider, Heiner Oberkampf, Sonja Zillner, Bernhard Bauer and Matthias Hammon
  • Information Extraction for Social Media
    Mena Badieh Habib Morgan and Maurice van Keulen
  • Ontology-based Extraction of Structured Information from Publications on Preclinical Experiments for Spinal Cord Injury Treatments
    Benjamin Paassen, Andreas Stöckel, Raphael Dickfelder, Jan Philip Göpfert, Nicole Brazda, Tarek Kirchhoffer, Hans Werner Müller, Roman Klinger, Matthias Hartung and Philipp Cimiano
  • Seed Selection for Self-Supervised Web-Based Relation Extraction
    Isabelle Augenstein
  • Semi-supervised Sequence Labeling for Named Entity Extraction based on Tri-Training: Case Study on Chinese Person Name Extraction
    Chia-Hui Chang and Chien-Lung Chou
  • Towards a robust framework for the semantic representation of temporal expressions in cultural legacy data
    Daniel Isemann, Gerard Lynch and Raffaella Lanino
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